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Symptoms of an Asthma Attack

How Will You Describe An Asthma Attack?

If you ask this question to ‘n’ number to asthmatics, you will get ‘n’ number of different answers. Mostly people do not have the same feelings regarding an asthma attack. It is very true that asthma varies from person to person and so does its symptoms. In fact, a single person can get different types of asthma attacks. So, let us check out how do people define their feelings regarding an asthma attack –

“There is a huge weight on my chest.”

Can you imagine a huge weight, probably an elephant sitting on someone’s chest and squashing them hard? Exactly that feeling. The weight feels so heavy that there is hardly any space for the air to get in and out. It is very difficult to breathe, no matter what position you are in.

“I feel like I’m drowning.”

This is the most common answer that asthmatics give. The attack feels like you are drowning, you are trying hard to breathe but it is impossible. This suffocation is terrible and dreadful.

“It is impossible to catch the breath as I cough so much.”

Normally, coughing makes people short of breath. Coughing out the mucus in lungs really makes breathing difficult. It is also possible to get short of breath if you are having a ticklish feeling in your lungs.

“There is a tight feeling inside the chest.”

It is like you are wearing extremely tight clothes and trying to breathe through a straw. You struggle to take in air and it does not go in. People gasp for breath in such times. This tight feeling is due to the airway tightening.

“I can hear wheezing and it becomes very difficult to breathe.”

Breathlessness, together with wheezing while breathing in and out is a common characteristic of an asthma attack. The wheezing sound comes when the airways become inflamed and extra mucus is produced due to its narrowing. This again causes breathlessness and the patient cannot even move or stand in such a condition. Some less serious characteristics are tiredness and exhaustion too.

“I feel I am being strangulated by a pillow held tight on my face.”

The worst thing can an asthma patient can feel is being strangulated by the attack. If it feels like a pillow held tight on his or her face, it is impossible to breathe. The condition is so bad because the person is helpless. The suffocation occurs due to the inflammation of the airway and mucus-filled in it.

You need to prepare an action plan and keep it handy because you never know when an asthma attack hits you. Always remember that if you are experiencing any symptom of asthma at any point of time, you are probably having an attack. Reach out for your action plan and try to get medical help as soon as possible.

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