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Suffering from Pet Allergy? You need not say goodbye to your friend

They say – Some angels choose fur instead of wings. These furry, little or not-so-little ones are our best friends and some of us cannot even think of leaving without them. In such a scenario, how would you feel if you have to say goodbye to your furry friend because of pet allergy? Miserable, right?

pet allergy

Pet allergies are very common across the globe and the percentage is ever increasing. As a result, some are forced to bid goodbye to their beloved pets unwillingly and some live with them because of ignorance. Allergies that arise from pets mainly include sneezing, facial pain, running or stuffed nose, red, watery and itchy eyes, skin rashes, hives, chest tightness, cough, breathing trouble, etc.

Despite the allergic troubles, there is good news. Proper medication can treat and even cure every pet allergy.

Treatment & Cure from Pet Allergies

  • Steroid sprays and oral antihistamines will treat stuffed and running nose.
  • Antihistamine eye drops will cure red, watery eyes.
  • Corticosteroids inhaling or bronchodilators will save from any kind of respiratory issue and specially asthma symptoms.
  • Anti-itching creams or damp pressing will heal skin irritations and rashes.

Above every other thing, allergy shots (i.e. immunotherapy) are extremely effective in case of every pet allergy. Over time it helps to build the tolerance level as the injected doses of the allergen are increased bit by bit.

Some interesting facts about Pet Allergy

  • Cat allergies are more common as compared to dog allergies.
  • We should not always blame the pet’s hairs for pet allergy. The main culprit is the protein that is present in the pet’s saliva, urine as well as its dead skin cells (dander).
  • Human dander can cause allergic problems in the animals as well.
  • There is no such breed of a cat or a dog that is non-allergenic.
  • Strange but true, kids raised up with more than one pet during their very first year of life, develop less pet allergy than the children who are not raised in such an environment.

Prevention from Pet Allergy

It has always been said that prevention is better than cure. Always remember to –

  • Wash your hands with soap after petting, hugging or cuddling your pet
  • Limit your pet to a certain room
  • Run HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) cleaners in your rooms to keep the allergen levels low
  • Properly bathe the pet
  • Regularly vaccinate the pet

Keeping up with these good habits will keep you and your family safe from any kind of pet allergy. The best is, in doing so you need not say goodbye to your best furry friend as well.
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