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What Not to Do With Your Asthma Inhaler

Asthma singlehandedly kills about 1000 people in a single day and affects many more across the globe. It is one of the most chronic diseases among children too. When Asthma hits you that bad, the inhaler comes to your rescue. The first thing that an Asthma patient reaches out to while leaving home is his or her asthma inhaler. To most of the people an inhaler is just a squeeze and breathe tool but there are many more things to it. What if we say that you have been using your inhaler wrong? Let us tell you some very common mistakes that you make while using your inhaler –

You slouch while using an inhaler

You should sit up straight or rather stand while using it. It allows your lungs to inhale and exhale properly.

You inhale at a rapid pace.

If you a hear a sound like a whistle, then slow down immediately. You are inhaling the medicine very fast and that is not good.

You are using an inhaler till the medicine ends

That is definitely not the way. You should request for a refill when your inhaler has around 30 puffs remaining.

You direct the spacer towards your tongue or roof of the mouth.

The correct direction is towards your throat. In this way, the entire medicine will reach your lungs.

You do not shake it well before use.

You should shake or prime the canister around 15 times before a puff. If an inhaler id unused for several days or weeks, prime it again properly before use.

Your lips are not tight enough around the inhaler.

Make sure the air does not escape during the puffs. Keep your lips pursed tightly around the inhaler.

You use an inhaler without a spacer

By using a spacer, you make way for more medicine to get in. Use a spacer and inhale slowly after a puff.

You are spraying excess into the spacer.

When you are using the spacer, do not spray too much of the medicine into the spacer. Spray once, take in the medicine slowly, exhale it and then take the second puff.

Your head is held too much towards the front or back.

Relax your head in the normal position, neither too forward, nor too backward. This way you can make a straight way for the medicine to reach your lungs.
We will suggest the Asthma patients or whoever needs an inhaler, to follow certain simple steps. You will definitely have a smooth experience with your inhaler.

  • Sit or stand straight
  • Shake or prime the inhaler
  • Exhale
  • Put the inhaler in your mouth and purse your lips tightly around it
  • Direct the inhaler towards your throat
  • Take a puff, inhale it
  • Wait for a minute, breathe out and take the next puff
  • Rinse your mouth well

Do not let your inhaler trouble you together with Asthma. Fight Asthma as smoothly as possible. With all those coughing and wheezing, using your asthma inhaler wrongly can add up to your problems. Use it as you are prescribed and make sure you use it correctly.
For a detailed demonstration for how to use your asthma inhaler correctly please contact our Asthma Clinic.