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Prabeen er Aashwas Companion Card offers

Any Senior citizen ( Male or Female) above age of 60 years can apply for this card by effecting the Payment of Rs. 500, Which will entitle you to get “PRABEEN ER AASHWAS Companion Card” which will offer you following benefits for one year from the date of the card.

  1. Free Following Health Checkups (Twice a year)
    • B.P.
    • SpO2 (Oxygen saturation in the body).
    • ECG
    • Blood Sugar Profile
    • Complete Blood count
    • Urine Analysis
    • Sr. Cholestorol
  2. Free OPD 3 times a year by Physician / Pulmonologist
  3. Investigations at following discounts
    • First Time: 20%
    • Second time: 25%
    • Third time onward: 30%
  4. Investigations for Family members(same surname): 20% discount
  5. Special Offer for Elder Care packages offered by TRIBEKA

Documents needed for enrolment-

  1. 1 photograph(soft copy preferable)
  2. Photo ID card copy