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Severe Asthma Clinic

What we tend to offer in Severe Asthma Clinic:

In our Severe Asthma Clinic we Evaluate the patient from a 360-degree view, which involves factoring in other medical conditions, addressing home exposures (mold, dust), assessing access to medication and health services, looking at tobacco exposure, and dealing with school issues, are all important and can all contribute to the clinical picture.
Incorporating a multidisciplinary model that addresses the medical and social needs of people with asthma has shown demonstrable improvement in quality of life and symptom-free days, as well as decreased hospitalizations and ER visits in children with severe uncontrolled asthma.

About Severe Asthma

People with severe asthma require frequent or high doses of oral or systemic steroids to control their asthma and have recurrent flare ups. Many of them still have symptoms even while on high steroid doses. Severe asthma tend to fall into two categories: difficult-to-treat asthma or severe therapy-resistant asthma.

Difficult-to-treat asthma:

is defined as poor control due to an incorrect diagnosis or comorbidities and poor adherence due to adverse psychological or environmental factors.This group demands the most attention in terms of :

  1. Meticulous supervision of inhalation techniques.
  2. Assessment of trigger factors in home,working place and school ,which deserves visit by health workers.
  3. Addressing the need for nutritional assessment(both malnourishment and obesity)as well as protective measures.
  4. Diagnosing the co morbidities with multidisciplinary approach.

Severe therapy resistant asthma:

Even after reconsidering diagnosis and optimisation of therapy the disease remaining uncontrolled,falls under this category and this group deserves most diligent intervention keeping in mind the phenotypical assessments.For this group the add on treatments are often needed over and above conventional protocol eg.SPECIFIC IMMUNOTHERAPY,BIOLOGICS like Omalizumab and Mepolizumab ,YOGA.

In our Severe Asthma Clinic we treat these patients with utmost care. Our leading PulmonologistĀ  along with ENT specialist, Dermatologists can take care of any type of Asthma.